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Patient: “Can I Get Hollywood White Teeth?”

Dentist: “It Is Possible to get White-White. But, Let’s be Realistic. Do You Want Your Teeth to Look Like a Box of Chiclets?”


Patient:“How Can I Bleach My Teeth?”

Dentist: “Let Me Count The Ways. Bleach by any other Name is still using Oxygen to Whiten the Teeth.”


Patient 1:“So What happened when your Teeth Whitening faded away after your $600 Laser Treatment?”

Patient 2: “I went back to my Dentist, and they made me Bottom and Top Bleaching trays that fit my teeth perfectly; and I put the Bleaching Gel in those for 1 hour a day for about two weeks. My Teeth are nice & white now. It cost me another 300 bucks.  And, I can reuse these 2 Bleaching Trays for years to come !”


  • Home Bleaching System: Custom Made by your Dentist, you get Bleaching Upper & Lower Trays, & a 20% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel. Within 10 Days to 2 Weeks, you can have White Teeth! Great Results. Easy to Use. Trays can be used again & again for years. $300.00


  • Whitening Films: They are Very Thin Strips that are coated with a Peroxide-Based Whitening Gel. 2 Strips are applied Daily for 1 Hour, for up to 14 Days. $55.00


  • Brush-On Tooth Whitening Gel: This Professional Strength Whitening Brush-On Gel whitens your teeth in 14 days. Simply paint the gel onto the front surfaces of your teeth. Wait 1 hour before eating or drinking, and then enjoy your new Brighter Smile. $35.00


  • WALKING BLEACH TECHNIQUE: Your Dentist will Bleach a Dark Root Canal Tooth from the inside out. This really creates an incredible result within 3 weeks. $75.00 / Visit x 3 Visits


  • Laser Bleaching, or Brite Smile: One (1) Treatment! Results may fade in a relative short time, since the “quick fix” usually doesn’t work in the long term. There are other options more cost-effective. $500.00 - $600.00


  • TOOTHPASTES that Claim To LIGHTEN TEETH: They Don’t!! Most all of those Toothpastes that claim to brighten and lighten the color of your teeth are not significant in their bleaching effects. They are Expensive, and Not Worth the Time, Money, nor the Effort. $$$


  • Drug Store Home Bleaching Kits: One (1) Kit, with a 10% -12% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel, such as Crest WhiteStrips, Colgate Simply White, or Colgate Platinum Whitening System. You must Buy More Strips to do it again. $35.00 - $55.00


  • Drug Store: PROXIGEL, or GLY-OXIDE: 10% Carbamide Peroxide Gel used in Trays. From a Sporting Goods Store (like Big 5), buy a Football Mouthguard made out of plastic/acrylic; heat it at home in near boiling water, and place it in your mouth when it is at a reasonable temperature, as not to burn your mouth. This will now make a Custom-Fit Tray to hold the Bleach. If there is a safety strap that goes to the football helmet, please cut it off. Less custom fit, & can take 4 weeks. $20.00


Recommended by:    Dr. LAUREN FRIEDMAN, DDS & Staff


       West Los Angeles, CA