At the DENTAL BUR BAR with all of the Dental Colleagues: 

Scene:  The Doctor tries to save his female Patient from the machinations of her husband's Toothache, & the Radio Signals he's receiving.  Our Dentist recounts the Patients' Visits.

DOCTOR:  "The wife sent him in to the Office so I could cure his & her problems.  I told him, it's all in your head."

PATIENT:  "I know.  I keep hearing voices, that are coming from this Lower Right Molar."

DOCTOR:  "Let me take out that old Silver Filling, & replace it with some Silicon; that should change your receiver.  And, so I did, & placed a lovely Porcelain Composite Inlay.  On his Follow-Up Appointment, I asked him if the voices were gone."

PATIENT:  "Yes."

DOCTOR:  "Great!  What else can I do for you?"

PATIENT:  "Now, you have to retune the Music Station I'm receiving!"

DOCTOR:  "I Adjusted his Bite, & the Radio Station changed.  He was pleased; I was amazed!  I then referred him to the Psychiatrist in our Office Building."




Dr. Wonderful is Lecturing at the Dental Convention: 

Scene:  Convention Center Lecture Room.  Dr. Wonderful just finished his one hour gratis Lecture:   Porcelain Veneers, & how to charge $1,000.- for each, & do no less than 8 at a time!  Prepaid Seminar Fee $1,000.-

Office Manager:  He says that his office runs like clockwork.  Always with a joke, or cute story.  His Patients just love him.

Dr. 1, said in a cantankerous tone:  I bet his Patients don't love getting his Bills for Dental Services!

Dr. 2:  I'd like to have those types of billing problems in my Practice.

Dr. 6:  For the price of this Seminar, they should have thrown in 4 Dental Lab Prepaid Certificates. 

Dr. 8:  We should only be so lucky.  I just completed 25 hours of Dental Continuing Education with this lecture.  I can truly tell you that all those accolades from those Dentists that I can go back to my Office on Monday Morning & use this or that, is a load of dirty smocks! 

Lab Technician:  I have done some Crown & Bridge for him, & I can guarantee you, though I wouldn't guarantee him, that his Preparations are not as nice as his speech today.  It's we Dental Lab Technicians that make him look good. 

Dr. 6:  Do you have a Business Card for your Lab?

Dental Assistant:  He's adorable.  I'll be right back.  Dr. Wonderful needs to have my phone number, before he leaves.

Office Manager:  That's Goldie for you.  Nurse Digger always tries to take advantage of a good opportunity.

Dr. 1:  Is Dr. Wonderful really his legal last name?

Dr. 2:  Is Goldie Digger really her legal last name?




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